Bryony moved back to Derby in 2018 after living in London for 7 years, she ran a small, friendly Pole Dance Studio in West London for 2 years. She has over 8 years experience in teaching Pole Dance, Acrobatics, Stretch and Flexibility.

All these skills led on to the love for Aerial Hoop, Yoga and Mindfulness. She has a strong passion for helping people build the foundations for all these activities, upper body strength, core strength and focus on alignment. Her passion comes from personal experiences; overcoming fears, mental health and pushing herself.

She is dedicated to helping people look after their bodies in the correct, safe way, preventing injury and exploring how far they can push themselves. She loves that we can manipulate our bodies using strength and flexibility, finding a mind body connection through breathing techniques which helps with well-being and body confidence. 

All her classes are accessible to complete beginners.