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5 Day Anxiety Relief Programme

with #thebmovement 

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A package designed for YOU

5 Days 

Mindfulness, Movement, Mobility

Stretches and Mindful exercises

A little gift in the post

These simple practices and inspirations come from my education and personal experiences with anxiety and worrying. I aim to bring your awareness to the present moment in time and experience without judgement or expectation.

Each day has a Mindful exercise, a Mindful video to follow and a Mindfulness audio.

To get the full benefits of the programme, make sure to fit the practices into your daily routine, even if it means shuffling your morning around, make this time for you. You deserve it. 

Benefits of Mindfulness 

  • Mindfulness is a way of being, a way of experiencing life, and improving your work-life balance.

  • Experience increased calm and relaxation.

  • Gain more energy and enthusiasm for life. 

  • Increase your self confidence and self acceptance.

  • Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

  • Have more compassion for yourself, others and the planet.

This package can be tailored for Adults, Teenagers and Kids. Unique to YOU. 


I will initially send you a form to fill out so I can get to know you.

I'm here to support you through the programme and answer any questions you have.

How to purchase?

Contact Bryony : 07891 010 946

Instagram: thebmovement_

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