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Introducing online sessions for your employees WFH with #thebmovement.

Throughout the pandemic we've had our eyes opened to our self care, self love, stress levels, anxiety, personal wellbeing and a lot of physical and mental challenges have been faced.

I have been sharing my personal experiences throughout and teaching movement, mobility, stretching and mindfulness online to employees working from the safety and comfort of their own home.

I offer 30 minutes or 1 hour Stretch sessions focussed on posture, alignment and movement. 

Physically we get the body moving, get your blood flowing, bring some fluid to your joints; helping you feel less stiff. It helps improve your posture, prevent injury and release endorphins.

Mentally it helps release tension and stress.

And most importantly we give you the time away from your laptop/computer/phone to focus on yourself.

I offer 20 minute Mindfulness sessions.

Introducing some calm and stillness to your day.

Find yourself in the present moment, just you and your breath.

We touch on different subjects like gratitude and kindness but ultimately it is time for you to enjoy being away from technology for a moment.


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