Morning Stretch 

A gentle morning mobility stretch. Using movement and breathing techniques I’ll take you through a full body stretch to get your body moving in the morning. Perfect if you’re new to stretching, if you’re into your fitness and need a full body stretch, help reduce the risk of injury, increase your range of movement, great for releasing endorphins and letting go of some stress and tension.


Stretch and Flex 

In this class we go through a number of stretches for your whole body, focusing on increasing flexibility and range of movement. We hold these stretches for longer and focus on our breathing. This class is for everybody. Increase your range of movement, improve your posture, increase blood flow and release endorphins.



A splits focused class, working on middle/box and side splits.

Most people do Stretch and Flex before this class so they’re warmed up, we focus on specific muscle groups that need to increase flexibility and range of movement, we do breathing techniques and focus on alignment to get your splits comfortable!  Occasionally we get creative and work on active splits, wall splits and standing splits.


Adult Acrobatics

A strength and conditioning class to safely introduce you to upside down life. In this class we work on strength building for handstands and the fundamentals around balancing, core conditioning and flexibility for Acrobatic positions and tricks. We play with cartwheels, elbowstands, handstands, flexibility; backbends, cheststands and more… its endless the amount of fun you can have upside down! 



Very excited to introduce this class, each class we will focus more intensely on your flexibility with some deeper stretches and I’ll choose a Pose/Move or Trick to work on. For example: Backbend S Bend, Shoulder Splits, Needle Scale, Chair Backbend… and so much more! 

Stretch and Mindfulness

The same as Stretch and Flex with added MinDfulness; Body Scan, focusing on your breathing, techniques to release tension from specific areas, perfect to wind down and relax before bed.

With all the uncertainty at the moment take some time out to connect your Body and Mind, be in the presentnd relax.