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Bryony is the B to the Movement

From Derby, UK she started Pole Dance at University in Bath, soon after this she moved to London in 2013 and started teaching immediately at one of the biggest Pole studios based in West London.

Bryony has done Acrobatics and Dance since a child, she took part in Competitions and Dance show
s around the UK.

In 2016 she opened her own Pole Studio in West London, called CocoClub. It was a small studio with 4 Poles and a Yoga studio upstairs. Bryony loved teaching so much she dedicated every evening and Saturdays to the Studio while still working a 9-5 job in an estate agents. She was desperate to get out the Office life and run her own Studio full time. CocoClub ran successfully for 2 years with classes fully booked, 2 new teachers added to her business!

In 2016 she ran a huge event in West London, called Tropical Circus; with Aerialists, Hand balancers, Twerk and comedians! It was all for Mind Mental Health Charity as Bryony is very passionate about this Charity.

Bryony was introduced to the Circus community and fell in love with Aerial Hoop. After a bad ankle injury she was out of Pole for a while and decided to stick to exploring Aerial Hoop, this led her to meet some incredible people from all over the World!

After the tough decision to close CocoClub and leave London behind in 2017, she decided to go travelling for 3 months to Singapore, Bali, Thailand and the Philippines! An incredibly eye opening experience which at the time she didn't realise would impact her life so much!

After travelling, she set up camp in Derby at home and wanted to get her head down in teaching and building up her Dream of owning a studio and teaching full time. She joined a gym to start teaching Kids Acrobatics, Adult Acrobatics, Flexibility and eventually Pole and Aerial Classes.

In June 2019 Bryony stepped away from the gym and created 'TheBMovement' brand, found a studio to teach all her classes, officially declared Self Employment and owning her own Business!

It was mainly Kids and Adult Acrobatics and Flexibility Classes to start with, then she built up to 5 Poles and an Aerial Hoop. She taught Privates all day and classes from 4-9pm and then hired another
Pole Teacher to add to the business.

Bryony decided to start planning her first Retreat (the biggest dream) in the UK,
in January 2020 it was fully booked and everybody has an amazing time! Classes were full and word was spreading around Derby about Bryony's classes! It was thriving and growing... then in March 2020 we had to close due to Cvd.

The next year TheBMovement moved completely online, which was a huge privilege. She taught classes to offices in Hong Kong, USA and all over Europe. She did sessions for business' and private sessions for other people stuck at home.

In 2021, after an incredible tough year she started looking at the Dream of running a Retreat in Bali... she started talking to people, organising Visas and how to actually run it. Of course the borders were closed and it was an impossible task at that time. 

She was desperate to start her Retreat business, so continued teaching Online and travelled around Croatia for 8 weeks. Exploring the Islands and taking in the beautiful country, she decided this would be a perfect Retreat location. Visiting Pole Studios and making connections she booked it in for September 2022.

Christmas 2021, the Bali borders opened and she was able to move in January 2022.

Her first stop was working in Singapore at a famous Pole Studio, teaching the teachers and meeting many amazing people! She moved over to Thailand to train at Sarah Scotts new Pole Studio; an absolutely unforgettable trip.

She got the go ahead from her Bali Visa Agency in March 2022 and went straight to Bali Aerial Classes at Wanderlust! Started making new friends and trying all the Pole Studios, Dance Studios, Gyms and Yoga shalas.

She spent the first 6 months travelling around, do everything a tourist would do; exploring, getting lost, experiencing travelling alone, meeting crazy people, saying yes to everything and moving home every few weeks. At this time Bryony was teaching Online and building a more professional Online Programme.

The Croatia Retreat was phenomenal so Bryony knew what she had to do next... The Bali Retreat May 2023 was fully booked by New Years Day 2023!

She met Jazmine from Drip Studio in Canggu and was offered a job as a Pole Dance Teacher in April 2023. This was perfect timing for Bryony having come to a natural end of Online filming, teaching and working.

She also teaches Kids Acrobatics and Kids Aerial Hoop Classes.

And here we are... Bryony has performed Pole, Floorwork and Aerial Hoop shows.
She has taught Workshops and Classes in the UK and Bandung, Indonesia and is hoping to do a lot more teaching around the World this year!

Her biggest passion is making sure students feel comfortable and safe to be fully themselves in every class, making an environment inclusive is really important.
Every student should be allowed to express their own body, their unique style and movement. Each class should feel empowering and fun.

Bryony has a lot of goals and dreams for this year! 

Her love for Pole, Dance, Aerial and Acrobatics is fuelled by the students support, enthusiasm and energy.

January 2024


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