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Hi I am Becky,

I have just completed my 4 week personal with Bryony.

I have known Bryony a long time now and missed her so much when she set off to follow her dreams.

I always attended her pole classes twice a week when she was in the UK.


Unfortunately I lost my way a little & struggle with depression in general. I felt like I had no motivation & no confidence to go to new classes or do exercise in general.


I spoke with Bryony and said I really needed some help and of course she jumped straight on the journey with me. I feel comfortable with her and knew I could put my full trust in her to create a plan.

We worked out that I would benefit from a personal then Bryony set out to help me see what areas of fitness & wellbeing I could work on. 


When my schedule and full personal was sent across to me I was over joyed.

I finally had something to now push me to get back ON IT!  I focused on one week at a time day by day following all Bryonys words of wisdom. I worked on core, glutes, pole work, stretches, wellbeing tension release.

But these all included lots of different exercises and personal videos from bryony herself! 


I had 2 one to one video calls with Bryony all the way from Bali.

She checked in with me all the time & I would send her notes, videos & pictures. 


Four weeks in,  I feel much better than I did more motivated and confidence is building. I have gained alot of strength & I can always fall back on the tools bryony has provided me with.📚🪛🔧 I would recommend doing a personal with thebmovement to anyone no matter what you would like to achieve or work on bryony will create the best plan for (you)

She is super encouraging, amazing at what she does, professional, & she is one of a kind. I cannot thank her enough for helping and I have my personal plan for life. 



I have been going to Bryony for a little over 3 months now and the help it has given me is amazing. I have had issues with my hips for years, suffering with stiffness and tightness, but after just a few sessions they are feeling so much better. She works with you to identify the problem areas and works on them to make sure you get the most from the stretches. 

I have recommended her to a few of my friends and they have all said the same thing.

I would highly recommend her to anyone.

I met Bryony a year ago at Déda and now totally addicted to her classes!

I started with her exclusive "Stretch and Flex" classes (it suits me better than Yoga/Pilates) and she now offers "Split therapy" lessons!!!

She's also introduced me to the hoop that I absolutely adore now!

This beautiful teacher has opened a brand new world with her unique fun classes.

I can totally see and feel the progress compare to a year ago so I'll stick to her for as long as she'll have me.

I always thoroughly look forward to classes with Bryony. She’s patient, fun and bubbly and encourages you to try new things. Her passion for what she teaches shines through in her classes both group and private. I can’t wait for a summer of Pole and Hoop!

I always look forward to Wednesday’s acro with Bryony. Her dedication, passion and joyful nature all contribute to a welcoming environment whilst her skillful guidance builds the confidence required to achieve personal goals, no matter what they are. I have finally found a safe and welcoming haven for practicing acro, long may it continue. Thanks Bry!

I love Wednesday private classes with Bryony,  I’ve done pole on and off for years, but have enjoyed the chilled relaxed environment and Bryony’s zest for what she does. She’s both encouraging and insightful. My confidence has been built up massively as well as feeling better about trying new things and miraculously enjoying handstands! Classes are fun, friendly and I love that she’ll take notes on what we’re working on and toward, it’s so much more personal. 

Don’t change anything you’re fabulous!

‘I have massively benefited and thoroughly enjoyed my private sessions with Bryony. Her knowledge, positivity and the love for what she does shows in her work and that she is genuinely wanting to help you with regarding your issues. She’s an absolute credit to herself and I am looking forward to continuing my private sessions with her into the future to become more flexible and mobile’ 

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