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Descripton of Classes

Pole Dance Tricks
Bryony has been teaching Pole for over 12 years! In Pole Tricks we work on strength and conditioning, mobility and flexibility, Pole Tricks including inversions, climbing, sitting, spinning and all the floor tricks! From complete beginner to Advanced Bryony accommodates the class for you and 
will guide and support you in your goals!

Pole Dance Choreography Flow
This class involves going over the basic transitions, spins, tricks and floorwork tricks in Pole Dance routines. You will learn a choreography, musicality and play with the speed. Bryony always says in her classes that you can bring your unique style and flow. She teaches the tricks but she wants you to feel comfortable doing whats best for your body and your movement.

Sensual Floorwork
Bryony's most popular class in Bali! Sensual Floorwork is not about perfection and its not the same as a regular dance class. Bryony hopes to always create a safe environment where you can be fully yourself, she explains how the class will run so you know what to expect. There is a warm up and time to go through the poses, tricks and transitions, then Bryony creates a Choreography for you to learn. She encourages you to add your own style and whatever feels most comfortable for your body.

Alongside Pole Dance, Bryony has always been passionate about Acrobatics! She loves teaching Handstands, Elbowstands, Cartwheels, Cheststands, Forwalkovers and more! These classes involve strength and conditioning, mobility and flexibility, dynamic movement, exercises for certain tricks and moves and lots of Acrobatic fun!

Flexibility and Mobility
Bryony has completed her advanced Flexibility curse which involved a lot of pre hab exercises; to prevent injuries! Her Flexibility classes for Splits, Backbends, Contortion poses and tricks specific to Pole and Aerial will always involve active and dynamic movement, different styles of flexibility training and mobility. She is passionate about you reaching your goals and takes care of each student as an individual.


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