The People Movement 

Equality. Diversity. Change. 

Within the Pole Dance, Acrobatics, Aerial, Flexibility World.

The Beauty of the World lies

in the Diversity of its People.

I'm doing a weekly instagram post to empower people,

appreciate individuals, respect diversity

and share inclusivity with kindness.

Sunday 10th January 2021


Lauren Elise 

Instagram: @laurenelisepole

Lauren Elise is a pole dancer and performer from London, best known for her

dynamic, fluid basework, her musicality and her attention to detail, all usually

whilst wearing a pair of monster 10 inch heels.

She loves the feeling of freedom, creative flex and ultimate goddessery (yes that’s a word) pole gives her, is inspired by more dancers than she can even count

and hopes that she can do the same for others too ✨